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Quality & Safety

We set high standards for ourselves and our activities in defining quality and safety. To guarantee the quality and safety of our services, these two key themes play a central role within our organisation. The continuous improvement and optimisation of our own performance is part of this. We also invest significant attention in procedures and work instructions. Various quality systems ensure that the quality and safety of our services is guaranteed, and the risks associated with the work are eliminated. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and SQAS audited. In addition to our certifications, we continuously invest in quality and safety. At our central hub Maasdijk, for instance, we have installed a tyre pressure bank and a mirror adjustment facility. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety systems, so that our drivers can always head out safely onto the roads. Education, regular training and increasing the engagement of our employees is also a continuous effort. After all, a good and reliable team is the foundation for success.

Our certification

ISO certificaat weer met drie jaar verlengd - ArrangeGroup  Certificaten - Bas Group B.V.


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