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Your partner in Liquid Transport

Your partner in Liquid Transport


Capacity determines the success of a logistics services provider. Staalduinen Logistics has its own fleet of 70 trucks and 120 tank trailers. In other words, sufficient capacity allowing us to respond quickly to any demand for liquid transport. The fleet of Staalduinen Logistics is active over a large area: the Benelux countries, Germany and France. Naturally, shipments to other European countries are also possible.

The image below shows a snapshot of our current work area:

Modern technology is key, in terms of facilities and environmental impact. All of our trucks come standardly equipped with communication tools such as hand-free GSM, on-board computers and GPS navigation. A tracking and tracing system makes it possible to follow the status of your order 24 hours a day. We are a forerunner in the field of caring for the environment. Our fleet already complies with the most stringent requirements for the emission of exhaust gases.

Good equipment is one component. Professional drivers are just as important. It is good to know that Staalduinen Logistics works with skilled drivers, who are properly trained and know the current standards and guidelines. And who understand that transport efficiency is closely linked to safety.  

Our transport activities include:
Distribution of liquids
Shipping supplies
Special Equipment

Projects and technical support
Taking care of a transport shipment is only half the work. There is more to it, like the logistics handling of the goods and administration. At Staalduinen Logistics you can be assured that everything is well organized. Look for the possibilities we offer under the heading of Value Added Services